January Paul Ikard, CPA
Ikard & Company LLC
Current 2014 Tax Matters Seacost Bank
Jim Wilkie, CCIM
February Jenny Phillip Sr. Manager
Economic Research
Greater Houston Partnership
Houston Economic Outlook Environmental Performance
Sach Prasad
March Jimmy Williams , Fire Marshall
Montgomery County
Fire Codes Member’s Choice
Credit Union – Bruce Hurta
April Fred Welch – Greater Conroe
Economic Development Council
Developments in Montgomery County Marcus & Millichap
Nate Newman
May David Fornet, P.E.
Executive Director
Upcoming Transportation The Woodlands Dev.
June Dr. Charles E. Gilliland
Research Economist
TX A&M University
The Growth in Texas Land Values First American Title Co.
July Gene Fisseler
Water Resources Director
NRG Energy
Water in Texas.
Whiskey’s for Drinkin
Water’s for Fightin
The Strong Law Firm Bret Strong,
August Greg Smith – Shenandoah
City Administrator
Shenandoah’s Happenings The J. Beard Real Estate
Co. – Karyn Stephens
September Ron Smith, Director
Support Services
Southwestern Energy
Design Factors for 10000 Energy Drive Murrell Commercial
Scott Murrell
October James Noack, Montgomery
County Precinct 3
Montgomery County Precinct 3 Updates Veritas Title Partners, LP
November Judge Craig Doyal
Montgomery County
Montgomery Updates Maverick Development
Bryan Frenchak
December James T. Warmack, Mgr.
Partner – Research Forest Lakeside
Kurt Hull – Sr. Princiapl
Ziegler Cooper
Research Forest Lakeside
Retail & Office Updates
Presenting Bldg. 9
Ikard & Ikard Co., LLC
Paul Ikard, CPA
January Greg Smith
Shenandoah City Administrator
Shenandoah Growth and Development The Strong Firm
February Paul Ikard Current Events in Federal Income Taxation: What have they done to us now? Seacoast Commerce Bank
March John Flournoy Generation Park Development update Environmental Performance, Inc.
April Mont Cty Comm Prec 3
James Noack
  SSB- Security State Bank
May RD Tanner, Dir of RE State of the Port, Impact of the Panama Canal and the Port of Houston & Intermodal Transportation/regional Mobility focus Murrell Commercial LLC
June David Gornet Upcoming Transportation Plans for The Grand Parkway Maverick Development
July Paul Layne, VP The Woodlands development update The J. Beard RE Co
August David Assid, Toll Brothers Toll Brother’s New Developments in Montgomery County: Impact on Economic Growth and Future Development Windsor Building Services
September Keith Simon, Coventry Development and Robert Fields, Patrinely Group Town Center-The Heart and Soul of Springwoods Village Marcus & Millichap
October Virgil Yoakum, The Johnson Development Co. The Johnson Development Corp: Strake & Houston Regional Update First American Title Co, National Commercial Services
November Gil Staley, The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership The Woodlands Area Update The Woodlands Development, Howard Hughes
December Judge Barb Sadler, Montgomery County Judge Montgomery County Critical Issues 2015 and Beyond Ikard & Company
January Bart Morey
Colliers International
Construction Trends in Houston Phase Engineering, Inc
February Paul Ikard, LLC
Ikard & Stevenson, LLP
“What just happened to you” Fiscal Cliff BBVA Compass Bank – North District
Rita Sullivan
March Jimmy Williams
Montgomery County Fire Marshall
Commercial RE & Fire Code Vince Calicchia
April Jace Houston
San Jacinto River Authority
Water Supply Issues in
Montgomery County
Seacoast Commerce Bank
Research Forest Lakaeside Dev.
May James Warmack & Roger Soto Research Forest Lakaeside Dev.
A view from the Other Side of Lake Woodlands
The J. Beard Real Estate Co.
June State Rep Steve Toth Recap of the 2013 Legislative Session Marcus-Millichap
August Paul Layne Woodlands Development Update Colliers International
September Commissioner James Noack
Montgomery County, Precinct 3
Murrell Commercial
October The Honorable Ryan Gable
Montgomery County, Precinct 3
Safety in Our Community Edward Jones, George Torruella
November Gil Staley, The Woodlands Economic Development Partnership Commercial Growth in The Woodlands BBVA Compass
December Judge Alan “Barb” Sadler Montgomery County – Critical Issues 2014 & Beyond BB&T, Blake Absher
January cancelled due to bad weather
February Jenny Hsu – Greater Houston
Houston Region’s Economic Outlook Ikard & Stevenon, LLP
Paul Ikard
March Woodlands Art Commission Projects Steve Hextell
SHB Development
April Grand Parkway Association “Upcoming Transportaion Plans
for the Grand Parkway
Bruce Hurta
May Craig Doyal – Mont.C’ty Commissioner “Upcoming Transportaion Plans
for the Grand Parkway
Adam Seiders
Commercial TaxNetwork
June Sach Prasad
Environmental Performance Co.
Environmental Risk: “What you don’t
know may cost you the deal”
Merrill Lynch Wealth Finance
Brenda Banks
July East Mont. C’ty Improvement Dist.
Frank McCrady
East Mont. C’ty COME GROW WITH US Vista Management
Debbie Beeson
August Paul Ikard – Ikard & Stevenson, LLP Everyone in Lying to You Orgain, Bell & Tucker
Walter Cooke
September Alex Sutton
The Woodlands Dev. Co.
Woodlands Development Colliers International
October Paul Gardaphe – Amegy
Gg. VanHorn – American Mortgage
Jim Wilkie, BBVA Compass
Changes & Evolving Conditions wh/in
Commercial Lending Climate
Amegy Mortgage Capital
November Larry Calhoun /C ity of Conroe
Greater Conroe Dev. Council
Changes in Latitude & Changes in
O.J. Bobek Realty Group
intr.Paulsen w. EWC (Energy)
December Gil Staley, Ex. Director
The Woodlands Area Economic
Development Partnership
Latest & Greatest Happenings in
South Mongomery County
The Woodlands Area Chamber
of Commerce
January Paul Ikard
Ikard & Stevenson, LLP
Tax Laws Merrill Lynch/Wealth Mgmt.
Feruary Gil Staley
EDP – The Woodlands
S. Mongomery Growth & Development Bret Strong, Attorney
The Strong Firm
March Tom Stinson
GCEDC – Conroe
Growth & Dev. In Conroe &
N. Montg. County
Brownstone Office Condominiums
Heather Carlile
April James T. Womack
Kurt Hull
Walter Cooke, Atty
Brett Strong, Atty
Vytus Pretulis – Jakcson Walker
Research Forest Lakeside Dev. (77ac.) DBR Engineering Consultants
Carlo Sechi
May Brett Strong, Atty
Vytus Pretulis – Jakcson Walker
Legal issues re; real estate Cathie Mann
Vista Management
June Capital Markets Panel
Banks, Gardaphe, Hurta, Spoor
CoStar Group, Terrie Smith
July Mr. Brown with TxDot Recent & ffuture Road Dev. For
Montgomery & Harris County
Orgain, Bell & Tucker, LLP
Waletr Cooke
August Crown Point Regional Center USCIS Emplmt. Based green card
program for foreign nationals thr.
RE investments
Brownstsone Office Condominiums
Heather Carlile
September Coventry Development Corp
Keith Simon
Springwoods Village
The Master Planned Community
surdng. Exxon Mobil Campus
Nelda Luce Blair – Blair Law Firm
Kenny Speight = Comm. Insurance
October Professor Edward Blackburne
Sam Houston State University
Economics & International Business Orgain, Bell & Tucker, LLP
Walter Cooke
November Gary Dahse Building a strategic plan for your life &
December Judge Barb Sadler Montgomery County 2012 and beyond Nelda Luce Blair, Attorney
Kenny Speight – Campaign Treasurer
January Karen Bourdier
Manager of the Economic Dev.
Research – Entery Texas
Entergy’s new building & site website
for economic dev.
Charles Geraci
Feruary Jimmy Williams
Fire Marshall
Montgomery County
Mont. C’ty Fire Code Bruce Hurta
Membs Choice Credoit Union
March U.S. Congrssman
Kevin Brady
Current Federal Issues Impact on
Commercial Real Estate
Jim Wilkie
Wells Fargo SBA Lending
April Nelda Blair, Atty The State of Township Mark McClintock
May Brenda Banks-Merrill Lynch
Neal Garratt, Sr.VP, Bajk of America
Innovative Financing Solutions in a
Recovering Credit & Lending Environment
Brenda Banks, Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch
June Ted Whitmer, CCIM, MAI Fraud in Real Estate Transactions Jim Wilkie
July Gary Maler, Director
The Real Estate Center at
Texcas A & M University
Party time or more endurance
training time required?
Party time or more endurance
training time required?
August Senator Robert Nichols Functions of the Real Estate Ctr. Blair Attorney Firm (2)
September Jessica Willey
ABC 13 News
A Day in the Life of a Reporter Pat Moritz – Realtor
Conroe Sparkle
October Morris Eickenhorst Motivational Speaker/Humorist Wells Fargo / Sinem Mehterian
November Denbury Resources, Inc. Panel Forest Ridge Ex. Office Condo
Steven Hextell
December Denbury Resources, Inc. Panel I.D. Theft Vista Mgmt. / Cathie Mann
January Kelly Donaldson, Atty. Incorp. “GREEN” into Design,
Walter Cooke
Orgain, Bell & Tucker
Feruary Paule House
Finances Paul Ikard
Ikard & Stevenson
March Kelly Donaldson, Atty. Impact of Default/Bankruptcy
on the Landlord/Tenant
Brownstone Condo
Heather Carlile
April Ron Bourbeau
Gil Staley
EDP – Woodlands
Status and Plans of the Economic
The Office Furniture
Laura Palmer
May Paul Bettencourt
past Houston Tax Assessor
Diana Wilson/Burditt
Landscape Architect
June Jim Miles – Fire Marshall
City of Shenandoah
Fire codes, preventions Brett Everson
July Edward F. Blackburne, PhD
Economic & International Bus.
Sam Houston State University
State of the Economy Sherry Barnette
Vista Mgmt. Co.
August Garry Watts, Mayor
City of Shenandoah
State of the Economy & Development
in Shenandoah area
Orgain, Bell & Tucker
Kelly Donaldson
Lloyd Carll
September Brad Colliander
Metro Study
Houston Housing Market Overview Nancy Edgmon
American Title Co.
October Judge Barb Sadler State of Montgomery County Mike Meador, Craig Doyal, Ed Chance
Ed Rinehart
Malcolm Willey
November Jim Wilkie – Wells Fargo
Paul Gardaphe – Amegy Mortgage
Ed Jones – Woodforest Bank
State of the Commercial Lending
Merill Lynch
Brenda Banks
December Mayor Webb Melder City of Conroe Development Kelly Donaldson, Atty.
Walter Cooke, Atty.
January Chip VanSteenberg
Sity of Shenandoah
What’s happening in Montg.C’ty,
Shenandoah & Conroe area
Walter Cooke, Atty
Feruary Tom Stinson
Greater Conroe EDP
Dev. of the Montgomery County Craig Young
O’Connor Tax Adv.
now with
Integra Realty Resources
March Judge Barb Sadler State of Affairs Montg. C’ty Karen Hoylman
Woodlands Chamber
April Dan Leverett
Woodlands Comm. Owners
Dev. In the Woodlands Area Steve Wolford
Terracon Co
May Pat O’Connor
O’Connor & Associates
How to Appeal your Property Taxes same
June Paul Ikard
Ikard & Stevenson
Info on Tax regulations Vince Calicchia
Woodforest Bank
July Craig Doyal, Prec. 2 Comm
Mike Meador, Prec. 1 Comm.
Ed Rinehart, Pres. 4 Comm
Ed Chance, Pres. 3 Comm
(did not come!)
State of the Precincts Andrea Farenthold
AMF Appraisal Group
August Ron Bourbeau
Gil Staley
Woodlands EDP
Development in S. Montg. C’ty Jim Wilkie
Reliance Loan Center
September Kelly Donaldson, Atty
Orgain, Bell & Tucker
Impact on Contractor Defaults Pat Mortiz
November Ed Chance, Comm. Prec. 3 Effects of Hurricane IKE Broussard Properties
Kyle Hoegemeyer
December Networking Ron Bourbeau
Woodlands EDP
January Todd Edmonds – Colliers
Ron Dagley – Betz Interests
Ed Taravella – TaracorpPaul Nelson – Nelson Properties
Raw Land Panel Paul Gardaphe
iCap Realty Advisors
Feruary Judge Barb Sadler
Conroe Court House
State of Affairs Montg.C’ty Walter Cooke
Orgain, Bell & Tucker
March Ed Page – Page Partners
Jeff Beard – J.Beard Company
Matt Reed – New Quest
Kristen Barker – AmReit
Retail Panel Tim Crockett
SCI Properties
April Kelly Donaldson
Orgain, Bell & Tucker
Legal Aspects rel. to Construction Michele Rosner
SGO Glass Designs
May Tom Lancaster – Architect
Sergie Grado p Gradco Constr.
John Gultek – DTS Engineering
Construction Panel Montg. Co. Title Co.
M/M Bob Gustavsen
June Walter Cooke
Palermo Barr
Future governance of the
Palermo Barr RE Comm.
July Dennis Conine
Greg Tilton
Office Panel Jim Carney
Fidelity Nat’l Title Inc.
August Karen Baker
Area Eng. Wh. TxDot
up-date of hwy. projects, rules American Title Co.
September Dr. Tom Buler – Lone Star Coll.
Paul Murphy – Amega Bank
P. Gardaphe – iCap Realty
Impact of the dev. In the Mont.reg.
school, etc.
iCap Realty Advisors
Paul Gardaphe
October Nelda Blair, Atty.
Walter Cooke, Atty.
w. Orgain, Bell & Tucker
November 6th Ballot 1. Am. Echange Co.
Carol Bernard
November John Johnson
Orgain, Bell & Tucker
Condemnation Basics O’Connor & Assoc.
Patrick O’Connor
December Christmas Affair